20 February, 2011

Sunday Thinkpiece: Cameron suspends Copernican theory

Oh dear, there is more news that the idiot, nanny coalition which runs the country is going further to assert its powers to tell you what time it is. The news, and I really hope this is incorrect and that they find some useful purpose for parliamentary time, is that the Coalition, with David Cameron’s backing, wants to advance the clocks by two hours, for reasons of tourism. This would put us in the same time zone as that great tourist must-see, Bucharest, and that, Mr. Interference thinks, is what visitors to the London Olympics are going to want.

Conservative MP Rebecca Harris, who must be a couple of scones short of a cream tea, told The Sunday Telegraph: 'The tourism industry has been crying out for extra daylight saving for years. It could extend the tourist season and boost the economy by up to £3.5billion a year.

'And we would have longer, lighter evenings.'

I am sorry to point out to Ms Harris and the rest of the half-wits involved in this, that whatever Mr. Cameron says the time is, the Earth will go round the Sun in exactly the same way as before and our evenings will not be longer and lighter but exactly the same. Telling tourists that we are on the same time as Bucharest or Minsk is only likely to confuse them. It would be better for the tourism industry if we cleaned the streets instead.

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