12 October, 2012

Playing the Joker

In recent years the Nobel Peace Prize has been awarded to Barack Obama (just prior to sending more troops to Afghanistan), the disgraced Al Gore, the ineffectual United Nations and the absurd, mendacious International Panel on Climate Change.

We are all left wondering how can the Nobel Committee keep up this level of nonsense, what more can it do to make itself a laughing stock?

No, the 2012 Prize is not going to the late Jimmy Savile.

It's going to the European Union.

Just as the Greeks are starving from its insane policies, as poverty and depression spread like cholera across a continent, as the gap widens inexorably between haves and have nots. The Peace Prize. On the day British and French fishermen are indulging in violent encounters in international waters.

The Prize will be awarded in Norway, which has steadfastly refused to join the EU despite several referendum campaigns, the good Norwegian folk being convinced it would herald the end of their democracy (correct).

Perhaps Jimmy Savile will be next year.

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