21 November, 2012

Greece is the word

Any idea what this badge is? I'll tell you: it's the badge of the Military of the European Union. Just to explain, each of the 27 countries has its own military, then the EU sets up this extra body which can't command or control or order into battle any of the individual forces which are, naturally, under the control of their respective governments.
I mention this in the spirit of helping to identify budget savings: the world and the EU would be exactly the same if it were disposed of.
And the military is what I want to discuss. Here is a list of countries with the largest military expenditure per capita in the EU
UK €698
France €605
Greece €421
Germany €410
Italy €358
Spain €242
Notice an odd man out there? Can someone please explain why bankrupt Greece has the third highest military expenditure per head in the EU? It has more combat aircraft, 303, than any other country (the UK has 284); it has 375,000 military personnel; it has twice as many submarines as Germany, and more frigates than France or Britain.
How can they afford it?

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