30 May, 2013

The last days of the Empire

Recent news from Europe:

Britain is to be taken to court for not giving arriving migrants the same benefits as people who live in Britain and have paid taxes for them. Countries which do not offer any benefits will not suffer in this way.

Next year vacuum cleaners are to be less powerful, for energy saving reasons. Of course if you are slovenly and only use a vacuum cleaner once a year you will not be given any credit.

And we are paying them to come up with these rules which govern us.

I just ask: how long are we going to put up with this?

1 comment:

awkwardgadgee said...

It is not so much that we put up with it.

Most people,(believe me Tim, in this lost England it really is most people)just do not think along these lines.

They are inured to these stories and do not see them for the atrocities they are.

The hope lies not in these walking dead waking up. It lies in the EU eventually collapsing under the weight of itself.That is what we should be praying for.