11 October, 2014


One wouldn't have thought there was much of a connection between toymaker Lego and the Shell energy company, unless it was for the purchase of chemicals to make the vile plastic bricks which hurt when you tread on them.

But apparently the two go back fifty years. Shell pays Lego to make imitation Shell petrol stations, fuel trucks and so on, and the contract is worth around $100 million.

Now Lego has pulled out, persuaded by the environmental pressure Group Greenpeace that Shell are absolutely horrid.

Shell and Greenpeace also go back a long way, following Greenpeace's wholly bogus attack on rig decommissioning some years ago. Greenpeace hadn't understood anything about oil and water and supplied the media and the public with outrageously inaccurate figures.

Really, we do need a few more facts and a bit less hysteria from the enviro-loonies. This blog has long boycotted Greenpeace; it is now boycotting Lego, too.

What are those little bricks made of, anyway?

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