28 October, 2014

Close encounter

It seems that Dean Farley, a hospital worker from Leeds, barged into the prime Minister, David Cameron, who was emerging from a speaking engagement.

My first thought was that he was probably protesting against unchecked immigration and the cost of belonging to the European Union and that it would do Mr Cameron good to meet a member of the general public.

Mr Farley - alright I'm guessing here - is not an Old Etonian.

However the truth was even better. Mr Farley, who surely has a future on the world stage, didn't know who Cameron was.

26 October, 2014

Jack Bruce

Sorry to hear of the Death of Jack Bruce. He started as a jazz musician, playing upright bass, played blues with John Mayall, pop with Manfred Mann and of course progressive rock with Cream.

Quite a cv


Sorry for the lack of posting. I have been in the South of France which has a glorious warm autumn.

Whatever people tell you about France's economic disaster it is not true of the Cote d'Azur which is comfortable and expensive.

Terrible coffee, though.

Sense of time

As usual on these occasions I got up this morning not knowing what bloody time it was. I had some recollection of having changed the time on my 'phone before I went to bed, but another recollection that I hadn't known how to do it. Turning on the computer, which updates itself automatically, was the only way to find out, and by that stage I was awake and the day had to start.

It was 5am.

Now, at last, we see some sense. Russia, which had turned to some sort of permanent summer time a few years ago has listened to its people, who feel their biorhythms were being played around with, and abandoned the concept completely. The clocks will no longer change in Russia but simply reflect the time nature intended.

It is high time our own so called democracy did the same.

11 October, 2014


One wouldn't have thought there was much of a connection between toymaker Lego and the Shell energy company, unless it was for the purchase of chemicals to make the vile plastic bricks which hurt when you tread on them.

But apparently the two go back fifty years. Shell pays Lego to make imitation Shell petrol stations, fuel trucks and so on, and the contract is worth around $100 million.

Now Lego has pulled out, persuaded by the environmental pressure Group Greenpeace that Shell are absolutely horrid.

Shell and Greenpeace also go back a long way, following Greenpeace's wholly bogus attack on rig decommissioning some years ago. Greenpeace hadn't understood anything about oil and water and supplied the media and the public with outrageously inaccurate figures.

Really, we do need a few more facts and a bit less hysteria from the enviro-loonies. This blog has long boycotted Greenpeace; it is now boycotting Lego, too.

What are those little bricks made of, anyway?

Nobel Peace Prize

Considering that the Nobel Peace Prize has, in the recent past, been awarded to the European Union, Barack Obama, Al Gore and the bogus International Panel on Climate Change, we must congratulate the organisers on awarding it to someone, Malala Yousafzai, who has actually benefitted humanity.

Spare a thought for Kailash Sathyarti, the Indian children's campaigner, who shared the prize with Malala but whose name is likely to be forgotten.