11 June, 2011


It’s been a busy time for the British Royal Family. The Wedding, Obama’s visit, then Prince Philip’s 90th birthday, now the Queen’s official birthday.

Philip got as a present the title of Lord High Admiral, the titular head of the Navy. For myself, the sort of presents I like are not things which the giver can create, free of charge, at will, or, as in this case, which the giver owned before me. We're all different of course but I'd rather have a bottle of decent whisky.

In the preparations for the trooping of the Colour for the Queen’s birthday, an armoured car towing a gun skidded, came off the track, and the gun crashed into it, doing tremendous damage. The armoured car was destroyed at the scene of the incident.

No. You guessed it, didn’t you? It was a horse. They were towing the gun with a horse, which got injured. They killed the horse.

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