09 February, 2013

Everyone's a winner!

It is a strange truth of British elections that everyone who participated says something like 'this has been an excellent result for us'. I even made such a speech myself in 1992 having gleaned 42 votes out of around 100,000.

And it is of course true of the European Budget negotiations. The quotes are in:

France (Hollande): The best deal on offer, France has given in less than Britain, France will save €140m  year from financing rebates, aid to French farmers will remain the same as 2007-13.

Italy (Monti): particularly significant improvement in Italy's net position, an extra €3.5bn compared to the November proposals and Italy saves €600m a year from financing rebates.

Spain (Rajoy): Spain will remain a net recipient of funds, and will get almost 30% of the fund for youth unemployment.

Sweden (Reinfeldt): Sweden's contribution to the EU budget will drop slightly

Poland (Tusk): a huge success, Poland's receipts will increase by €4bn.

Denmark (Thorning-Schmidt): Denmark went in with 3 priorities and has satisfied all of them.

I don't know who lost: probably Malta and Bulgaria. Tough luck, chaps. Everyone else is a winner.


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