01 March, 2013

David's Day

St. David's Day. David was a 6th century monk, who spent his life fighting Pelagianism, which is the belief that there was no original sin, and that Adam's sin, whilst not setting a good example (I have a secret, risky thrill when eating an apple), has not cast us all into the void: we can decide what is right and wrong and act accordingly. Pelagianism is sometimes known as Limited Depravity, which at least makes it worth studying.

David was an ascetic, and his followers were supposed to eat nothing but bread and herbs, although perhaps he ate leeks.

Ha! art thou bedlam? dost thou thirst, base Trojan,
To have me fold up Parca’s fatal web?
Hence! I am qualmish at the smell of leek.
Henry V

There is no longer a need to wear a leek on St David's day, even though you may feel it is attractive to the opposite sex.

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