11 March, 2014

De mortuis....

It only happened this morning, but I am already heartily fed up with being told what a wonderful, warm
person the late trade union leader Bob Crow was.

He was, by contrast, an unpleasant, drunken shit who insisted on living in state-subsidised accommodation despite earning £140,000 a year, blocking other more needy people from getting a home.

He had no taste for democracy and was too extreme even for the Labour Party.

Nobody who couldn't get into work or visit their family because of some unnecessary strike he had called, nobody who paid extra for a train ticket because he insisted on overpaid and unnecessary staff on the trains, none of these people think he was a friendly, cuddly chap whose heart was in the right place.

Let us start speaking the truth about these people. His family might miss him but the rest of us don't.

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