27 September, 2010

Gaza again

The Economist says that the Crazy Water park in Gaza has been torched by heavies from the Qassam Brigades, the militant wing of Hamas, the regional government in Gaza.

Supposedly to stiffen Gazans’ resolve, the Qassam Brigades have begun to suppress the emerging good life in the strip. A squad of heavies torched Crazy Water, a new resort, in which Mr Haniyeh’s economics adviser has a stake. Mr Meshal was said to have fumed at the sight of a video that showed girls and boys cavorting in the resort’s pools, a far cry from the “resistance culture” he would like to foster.

The Beach restaurant, a favourite for secular types, including foreign aid workers, was closed for three days after police nabbed a woman smoking a water-pipe.

As I reported, Gaza has a higher literacy rate and a lower infant mortality rate than Turkey, with a similar GDP per head. Now the lunatics who run it are determined to reduce everyone to penury and hunger, to make their political point.

The EU is a massive 'aid' donor to Gaza, which receives far more per head than is given to Africa. It ought to stop.

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