26 July, 2012

Olympics Report

Part of an occasional reporting series, to show I'm not just a moaning minnie.

To the surprise of many of us, the Games got underway two days before the Opening Ceremony. This would be, you would have thought, for some minor sport, to get the crowded schedule over with. But it was with football, the most popular sport in the world. In the ladies matches, Britain won, as did North Korea, despite having withdrawn for a while when the organisers put the flag of South Korea on the TV screens.

The men's football is tonight, which should at least see the end of our lot.

David Cameron made a pretty speech for the not-the-opening-ceremony, and this, I think, is the right thing to do. He needs to associate himself as much as possible with this, and if he can, bring in George Osborne to claim that, having masterminded Bradley Wiggins' victory in the Tour de France, he will now be taking the credit for any other successes.

Despite warnings from this blog, Team GB has not yet changed its title to Team UK.

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In The COlonies, NBC_tv is taking more than a mods amount of heat for a corporate 'execuive' deicions [arguaBLY] IN NEW YORK CITY by what are believed to be aged 20- or even 30-somethings with delusions of relevance!

YOu may have heard of latter day [pun intended - for conservatives] Wall Street: Where executives seek certainty as a precondition of bringing THEIR off- shore Cayman Islands bank deposits back home to jump start small business & jobs domestically for local economies!

A former CEO of General Motors, JACK WELSH said - "If Wall Street seeks certainty, they should find work elsewhere"! But no one in the current MBA generation knows that!

* * *

The OLYMPICS "Opening Ceremonies" were, in this order: Fabulous! Spectacular! A marvel of timing & ingenuity, via stage craft - IMHO!!

Local organizers - Lord DAVID COE presiding - can rightly hoist one or more 'brewskies' at local pubs! But that might be beneath those who dwell at higher elevations!

The BRITS, God bless them - Outdid even themselves! NO wonder there was The British Empire - perhaps this is good reason to yearn for a Second Coming in the secular world!

As for the sacred realm on this Earth, Archbishop of Canterbury had made his chit-chat with former PM Tony Blair in a proper setting just a few days prior to opening!

Both held up well & the questions were precise, while also spot on! May I commend that forum which was titled "Let's Talk About Faith"!

[The July 24, 2012 event was at Lambeth Palace - Chaired by former Home Secretary Sir Charles Clarke & moderated 'exceptionally well' - IMHO - by former "Daily Telegraph" religion editor Sir Charles Moore.

[Thankfully the event was streamed on-line for those here in the USA].