09 July, 2012

The right result

The crowd ooh-ed and aah-ed, his pretty girlfriend cried and it looked as if the Duchess of Cambridge might too. Andy Murray, the first British men's singles finalist since anyone can remember, seemed to me to lose rather well.

And that is what we Brits like, isn't it? I was left wondering what we would have done if he'd won: applauded his Swiss opponent to the roof, suggested that maybe Federer deserved better and that our guy, whilst skilful, was a bit lucky? Let's face it we like a plucky loser and the audience seems to have taken the rather unloveable Mr Murray to its heart.

My favourite Murrayism:

Commentator: how difficult will it be for your parents watching you?

Murray: I'm not bothered, really. It's worse for me.

Gotta love him.

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