02 July, 2012

The Revoluciòn is back!

Congratulations to Enrique Pena Nieto, who appears to have won the Mexican Presidential Election, but without a strong popular mandate..

His party, which glorifies in the oxymoronic name 'the institutional party of revolution' (PRI) just about sums up the Mexican electorate: it's got to be racy (Revoluciòn!) but you never know with change (Institutional). The PRI ruled Mexico without interruption from 1929-2000 (institutional indeed) when they were voted out on charges of corruption.

Unfortunately the sorry lot which replaced them weren't much better and so institutional revolution is back with a..er..whimper.

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THE LEFTIST 'losing party' has now called for a "re-count"! OMG!!! SUSPECTING, perhaps, the citizens who actually voted REALLY 'DO' desire ACTUAL 'CHANGE' of a real sort. ** The PRI in decades past was "the only stable" government Mexico enjoyed, while I lived only a few miles North in San Diego at that time! -30-