18 September, 2012

Challenge for the White House

Willard 'Mitt' Romney has just set the presidential race alight; for..er..Obama.

This great tribune of the people has been filmed saying that 47% of Americans are dependent on the state. 'My job', he said, 'is not to worry about these people.'

With two months to go, we may just have to consider the possibility that Romney is working for the other side.

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He has also likely 'lost' the US military veterans vote, too - As hard as that may be for a GOP presidential nominee to have done!

Short version of 'faux pas', re: Veterans: OBAMA is vulnerable for have NOT processed claims for VA benefits during past 4.4 years or even far longer it is documented!

Vets "sued" the VA for legally mandated, funded and authorized benefits - Winning at a three justices' panel level. THEN Obama and his Attorney General ERIC HOLDER 'appealed' that favorable decision @ Full Court of the Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals [in San Francisco], which "set aside" the once favorable decision, thus nulling the veterans' victory.

ONE MIGHT THINK that left ROMNEY in a great position 'to attack'. But quite curiously: HE DID NO SUCH THING! The precise reasons remain unknown, to this very day.

In fact, on no less than three separate distinct occasions, his young campaign staff "missed opportunities" [euphemistically] to settle scores with OBAMA - (a) The 'position paper' issued from Boston HQ on August 29th; (b) MITT ROMNEY speech to The American Legion National Convention @ Indianapolis, IN; then (c) another speech to National Guard General Convention/Reno-Sparks a few weeks later.

Seems "we have a failure to just communicate" = The Mormon campaign staff is operating on the mistaken belief that a two year 'LDS Church mission' to France EQUATES [sic.] with FOUR YEARS in US military uniform, on protracted overseas postings - during wartime even!


And that still does not mention the European trip to Great Britain, Israel & Poland to next display MITT ROMNEY's foreign policy chops!

Having 'tripped' @ London, site of 2012 Olympic Games - criticising not carefully nor diplomatically its operational readiness, which was then quickly and successfully seized upon by Mayor BORIS JOHNSON in a cheering crowd to loudly proclaim & verify: "WE ARE READY"!

The final stop in Jerusalem at The King David Hotel was a $50k/ plate fund-raiser which was "closed to the news media" - which had been locked up on the campaign aircraft & 'denied access' to The Candidate for three full days & nights!

Only "The Times of Jerusalem" daily newspaper carried a series of stories about the fund-raiser, having local access to those 'who served' the high rollers at that closed Romney campaign event!


RUMORS are simply awash & afloat here this morning - as of Tuesday, September 18th - that it is just possible "a campaign shake-up" is in the near offing for Mister Romney's campaign handlers gang - - -

One of whom told news media during the abortive foreign trip = "[To] kiss my - ahem! - grits" - but using much stronger & more precise Anglo-Saxon [non Mormon-esque] terms, however - viz. with rather specific reference to a portion of the human anatomy sometimes viewed from the South side of a horse which is headed North!

All the while, the 'Campaign Gods' favor the media - Who have so much great material with which to work each day on the campaign trail & stumps among those hustings. -30-