01 September, 2012


Alex Salmond, of the Scottish National Party, declares a couple of years ago that he intends to pursue full independence and that he will hold a referendum. The politicians huff and puff but the Royal Family, saying nothing, holds a Royal Wedding, Diamond Jubilee celebrations and plays host at the Olympic Games.

Quietly, Scottish independence has gone off the boil.

As they say in cricket, form is temporary, class is permanent.

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MIGHT I SUGGEST< TIM - most respectfully! ** At about time the SNP announced its intentions for a Reference vote on independence, HH went on a 'charm offensive" and I T HAAS WORKED MARVELOUSLY! ** SInce, then, too BORIS JOHNSON has flown on the scne, much as the later actor HEATH LEDGER [sp?] literally "flew into" some scenes from the motion picture "Canterbury Tales" as CHAUCER! ;-) ** Once on scene, the levels of performances by every other actor was elevated to new heights! RICAHARD BURTON did this in (a) "Night of the Iguana" (b) "he Sandpiper"; not to forget the memorable role as "Thomas a Becket" in the motion picture with Peter O'Toole as Henry II - later revisited in 'The Lion in WInter' with Kate Hepburn - yet sadly wihtout Burton, 'Becket' having left us ignominiously & abruptly! ;-) -30-