13 September, 2012

Hong Kong

This week elections took place in Hong Kong. Only 40 of the 70 seats were on offer (the others are voted by special interest groups chosen by a neighbouring power) and the democrats managed to take 27 of them. This is enough for a blocking minority.

The election is following attempts by the Chinese to hold indoctrination classes in the schools (now abandoned) and you would have thought democrats would have done better.

In the run-up to the handover in 1997 soundings were taken about democracy and about going it alone (it is only the New Territories which were on lease from China: Hong Kong itself was British until we handed it over). But hardly anyone was interested. The majority didn't much like democracy, thinking it a distraction from making money. It seems they're still not enthusiastic.

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DECADES ago, I managed a CA State Assembly campaign for a retired US Air Force retired lieutenant colonel, whose 'day job' was as a tenured management department chair @ the local California State University in Bakersfield, California.

** His repatriated Mainland Chinese wife was also a tenured faculty member in management @ the University of Southern California in Los Angeles.

** HAVING given an entrenched Republican the "scare of his political life" in a highly GOP slanted district, John and his wife sold their local home on a 'quick sale' & loss, then moved to The [former] British Crown Colony of Hong Kong as private university professors in their fields - " ... to watch the Hong Kong economy take over mainland China"!.

** SO YOUR UPDATE, TIM - is both timely and welcomed! THANK YOU! -30-