15 June, 2010

Italy: cost of parliament

A referendum is being proposed in Italy about the cost of its parliamentarians. This is what they get:

Basic salary €9,980 per month
Secretary €4,030 per month (usually a family member)
Rental €2,900 per month
Office up to €6,455 per month

The recent vote to reduce salaries by 10% hides the fact that they secretly (without it being mentioned in the official records) increased them by €1,135 per month (more than 10%)

No tax is payable on the above.

But look at what else they get

FREE car with driver
FREE cellphone
FREE Cinema
FREE Theatre
FREE Buses, trains, motorway charges and internal flights
FREE Swimming pools and gymns
FREE Accident and life insurance
FREE Private clinics
FREE Restaurants - they eat and drink around €1.5 million a year

Overall they cost around €1.25 billion a year.

Now some people want value

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