17 June, 2010

PR - how not to do it

No, not Proportional Representation this time (although thre are plenty of ways not to do it) but Public Relations.

BP has had a bad accident, but managed to make it worse, getting almost the entire US nation united against it, through its Chief Executive's ability to open his mouth and get a large foot inside it. There are whispers within BP that they just can't shut him up, which is, to put it at its mildest, unfortunate.

But where is the Head Honcho, the Chairman? Carl Hendrik Svanberg is his name and when the accident happened he went below periscope depth, claiming to be on holiday (obviously doesn't own a mobile 'phone or see the CNN news).

But Obama summoned him to the White House, presumably confused that he wasn't British (he is Finnish). 'I mean, I've seen the movies and all baddies are British, right? I mean, change has come to Britsih Petroleum'

And here is what Svanberg said, in an accent which reminded you of Arnie Schwarzenegger playing the role of a German Concentration Camp Governor: 'He (Obama) cares about ze small people. Und ve care about ze small people'.

Well, that should have raised morale in the Louisiana fishing villages.

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