19 June, 2010


Not the long suit of this blog, but a summary is always useful.

England's cricketers did very badly against Bangladesh, the test cricketing equivalent of Partick Thistle.

For the first time in more than a hundred years no Englishman will be contesting the  men's singles at Wimbledon.

We are about to be thrown out of the Football World Cup.

England is good at sailing, rowing and cycling, sports which are conducted sitting down.

On the subject of football, I hope people were shocked by Wayne Rooney, who earns, if I am not mistaken, something like £80,000 a week (why are footballers' wages quoted weekly as if they were unskilled workers? Mind you a glance at the England team will answer that). The poor little rich boy bleated that the fans were booing him: people on £500 a week who had saved for months to travel thousands of miles to see England, and were disgusted at the heartless, gutless display which Rooney and his colleagues provided.

Rooney earns so much and is so famous that putting on an England shirt is just a sideline to his wealth creation. He and the rest of the overpaid idle rich should be replaced by people who want to play for their country.

Poor Mr Capello really must wonder what he has let himself in for.

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