16 April, 2011

Death of a pawn

The short, tragic life of Vittorio Arrigoni carries, I think, lessons for us all.

Arrigoni was not a Muslim, nor an Arab, but decided to join up in support of Hamas in Gaza, the good folk who position children round the gun installations and last week targeted a missile attack on a school bus.

Arrigoni was captured by The Brigade of the Gallant Companion of the Prophet Mohamed bin Muslima, a breakaway group which feels Hamas is too soft. Pussycats.

His captors said he would be released in return for Sheikh Hisham Su’idani, who had been arrested by Hamas.

When they found Mr. Arrigoni he had been killed some hours before the deadline.

So this young man died fighting he knew not whom, in a war which was not his own. The lesson for us is clear: they don’t want us to get involved. The Cameron-Blair-Obama philosophy of Liberal Interventionism, or whatever euphemism we are using today for involving ourselves in other people’s wars, needs to be rethought.

And abandoned.

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