28 August, 2012

Election fever

Only 10 weeks to go in the US election campaign and can't you feel the excitement? Aren't you awed by the white heat of intelligent debate?


We know who the candidates are but their respective parties don't, and have not yet adopted them. Romney has said Obama has divided the country, Obama has said he is a spoilt rich boy with weird religious beliefs (no, sorry, I made that up). But nothing has really happened.

Obviously both parties are waiting for the valuable endorsement of this blog but it will not be lightly given. We have doubts about Obama, who is clearly anti-British and seems (you can't be sure without rational debate and we haven't had any) to want to spend more money, whereas the US Government is already $14,000,000,000,000 in debt, about $120,000 per household. Doubtless it can easily be paid back and I am worrying about nothing.

Romney is a different matter. In fact he is different to almost everybody. I cannot ignore the fact that he thinks Christ visited America, and that he had his father in law, a convinced atheist, received into the Mormon Church after he had died.

Romney made a disastrous visit to Britain, in which he said we weren't ready for the Olympics (it seems we were); making a speech in the garden of No.10 he said he was pleased to be in the backside of Downing St (memo to Americans: in English English, backside means what you call ass).

Against that, he said he approved of the 'Special Relationship', saying it was an Anglo-Saxon thing, although I am longing to hear him explain this to the National Association for the Advancement of Coloured People. After Britain he went to Israel where his stance against Iran was well to the right of Benjamin Netanyahu.

It is early to come to a conclusion: it may turn out that both candidates are mad, in which case this blog will endorse the one that is loopy but harmless.

10 weeks of breakneck excitement lie ahead of us.



MATT's back -- The world is now safe for laughter, 'Piers Morgan' on CNN and more straight thinking -** Perhaps coincidentally & un- noticed: MATT re-appears just after the GOP voted MITT ROMNEY as its presential nominee on a first ballot! ** MORE GREAT MATERIAL for future political cartoons, TIM! ;-)** Texas Congressman RON PAUL lost by a 10 to one margin! But brave republicans from TX and NV 'struck a blow for freedom' last night in Tampa, FL! ** "ON DEMOCRACY"! ;-) ** And ... "ON REVOLUTION" at the polls in November - on those mean streets in Oakland, CA too! -30-


LEMME AT 'IM -- Just watched re-runs of New Jersey Governor Chris Christie's "keynote" stem winder address to GOP party faithful in Tampa last night! OMG! ** Notes were taken & a 'rebuttal follows' as soon as my blood pressure resides - if only a few points! ** I soon RECOVER FROM MORTAL POLICY COMBAT and 'the lysts' well and rather quickly, in point of fact! -30-