06 July, 2013

Human Rights

What would it take for you to don tight trousers, a stripey T-shirt and a straw hat and punt a narrow
boat full of vulgar Russian tourists along a smelly canal while singing 'O sole mio' for the seventh time that day?

For me it would be a skin full of liquor, I don't mind telling you.

However Venice's gondoliers are to face alcohol and drug tests, following a naked initiation ceremony in the Grand Canal.

Poor blighters. I think I see a human rights case here.

PS when I say alcohol tests following a naked initiation ceremony I don't mean that as a routine there will be a naked initiation ceremony then an alcohol test (although it's scarcely something you'd do sober), I mean there were reports of such an initiation and the do-gooders thought there should be tests.

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