22 July, 2013

Trouble in the banlieue

The outskirts of Paris and several other French cities are in ferment after some heavy handed police
action against women wearing burqas.

In truth, as this blog pointed out at the time, this is an idiot law. The relationship between individual and state is of course different in France, it must surely jolt some long-relaxed French synapse that the state is now telling you what you can and can't wear.

People feel strongly about this, deeming it, wrongly I understand, part of their religion that women should be covered from head to toe. Westerners regard this as an imposition on Muslim women, but it scarcely helps the woman if, because of the ban, she is not allowed outside by her husband.

When they tried the first prosecution, the indicted woman turned up at the court wearing a burqa and was not allowed in because it was a public building.

Hollande should drop this, and blame it on Sarkozy.

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