02 July, 2013

Number 28

Croatia is the new member of the European Union. It joined Yesterday, 1st July, so it has had a day to get its begging letter written.

Croatia has a population about half that of London, and it is poorer than the average in Europe, so it will be expecting some handouts. In fact I hope all this was sorted a while back because there isn't much left.

Croatia has had an interesting history. It waited 400 years for the Austro-Hungarian Empire to implode, and now after an unpleasant period of ultra-nationalism during WWII followed by the quasi-communism of Tito, and the unpleasant Balkan conflict,  it now wants to hitch its star to another fading, bureaucracy-ridden wagon.

It shouldn't have to wait 400 years for this one to go belly-up, though.

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