24 June, 2012

Keeping up with the times

Her Majesty the Queen, described by one paper as 'in touch with the times, as ever' has updated the royal precedence.

This means that The Countess of Wessex (née Sophie Rhys-Jones) has to curtsey to the Duchess of Cambridge (née Kate Middleton), even at home(!), whereas la Cambridge-Middleton (if these two women are married to princes why aren't they princesses?) has to curtsey to Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie and Princess Alexandra (no idea who she is), except when her husband is with her, in which case she can presumably show her respect with a two fingered salute.

It seems a wife takes on the splendour of her husband if he is there but not if he isn't. But what happens if he is officially there but is late, or has to go to the lavatory? Does A curtsey to B and then as William returns, zipping himself up, B frantically curtseys to both of them?

This kind of feudal chivalric nonsense harks back to the 13th century and really has no place in our modern life. I don't suppose anyone minds curtseying to the Queen but let's leave it at that.

HELLO? It's out of date crap...... No, no reply.

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