21 August, 2012

A new species

Every so often, it has happened a couple of times this year alone, the world celebrates the discovery of a new species. And in this sense, perhaps only in this sense, we should celebrate the arrival on the world stage of Congressman Todd Akin.

Akin is an anti-abortion campaigner. He caused excitement when asked whether abortion should be permitted in the case of rape. Akin's considered view was that pregnancy wasn't a worry for a woman who had been raped because 'if it's a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to shut the whole thing down'.

The world waited breathless for this sage to expound on what was and wasn't 'legitimate rape' but his minders have put the jacket on him and taped over his mouth.

But I think it worth considering how a man can have got this far in life (he is 65 with a university degree), much of it in the public eye, be selected by party managers to an important national post and believe that when a woman is raped her body detects this and shuts down the reproductive system.

Are there any more like him?

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MAY GOD, Himself, continue to both bless and extoll officials in the political life - and its aspirants thereto, even in short terms!

Some times -- and this is one of them -- I really believe that the political caste has no idea "What great material" they continue to provide scribes & paid viewers of the passing scenes - even as that is international in scope!