09 August, 2012

Unhappy anniversary

A little gloom, amidst all the euphoria. Today is the fifth anniversary of the financial crisis, when central banks perceived a dramatic fall in confidence and pumped money into the system to counteract it.

Since then it has mutated as a liquidity crisis, a banking crisis, a sovereign debt crisis and a eurozone crisis. Nothing has got better for the ordinary family, nor will it for another year or so.

Now, back to the games....



TIM = I AM GETTING some UN-CONFIRMED REPORTS here in Reno, NV [USA] of "NAVIGATIONAL WARNINGS" and "NOTAMs" [notices to airmen] about Russian ships' either having already or plans for their soon launching missiles - near Cyprus - in your area! ANY CONFIRMATIONS, please? -30-

Tim Hedges said...

Nothing here, Dave. Britain has two bases on Cyprus which would make things interesting.

I see two scenarios: one is that Russia is going to intervene in the battle for Aleppo, which means Syria might become a world war; I think, though, that they could fire from stationary ships from their base in Tartus.

The second is that US or British ships are sailing into the Mediterranean. Also bad news.

Let's hope everyone calms down.