20 August, 2012

Scott McKenzie R.I.P.

The voice of a generation. This was recorded 45 years ago

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WHAT A REMARKABLE TALENT -- and what a find you have shared with us, Tim.

Notably, too, the somewhat older, grayer more mature Scott McKenzie decades later in live performance - albeit without percussion section chimes in that later venue.

* * * *

In "The City" [San Francisco] was another talent - lesser known to wider audiences, but a local big time favorite:

Stage name "Johnny Nitro" - who also passed recently, yet - like McKenzie - long recalled and oh, so fondly too!

FOR THE RECORD: "Nitro's" OBIT in "The SF Chronicle" rivaled in length the published 'ode' to a late novelist John Steinbeck from an much earlier era.

* * * *

The links are a daily feast after the black & white recording of Scott -- a marvelous 'wake up' here in The Colonies late at night.