09 August, 2012

Olympics Report 5

After an unpromising start, the UK has surged up the medals tables. So often did we hear 'Bronze to Australia, Silver to France, Gold to....Team GB' that I could have been forgiven for thinking that 'Team GB' was the new name of my country; that Her Majesty, invigorated by her first film part, had signed an Order in Council for the new name, while our attention was elsewhere. She hasn't, of course, the good old place remaining the UK, not even Team UK.

I may however change my name to 'Team Tim Hedges' in the hope it makes me fitter.

Incidentally a stranger might also have thought that the National Anthem had changed to the music from 'Chariots of Fire'.

But a great success, nonetheless. Particular congratulations to all those who achieved medals in sports not involving sitting down, our usual comfort zone.

Talk is now turning to the Games' 'legacy': how this will turn young Brits to sport. I may be wrong but in my opinion the effect will be minimal. It is just as likely to turn them to watching TV during the day. More on this later.

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