04 August, 2012

The story of Shafilea

Pretty name, pretty girl. Shafilea Ahmed was born in Britain to parents born in Pakistan. She disappeared in 2003.

Today her father and mother have been convicted of her murder. Shafilea wanted to live a western girl's lifestyle with tight jeans, pop music and boyfriends. Her parents sent her to Pakistan, drugging her for the flight, and put her into the marriage process, where a number of grooms are offered. She refused to participate and drank bleach. Her mother at first refused to let her go to hospital. When she came back to England she continued to disobey her parents and they killed her, stuffing plastic bags into her mouth and punching her. They concealed the body and it is only on the evidence of her sister that a prosecution has been brought.

What the Ahmeds did was come to Britain, because life is better there than in Pakistan, accepting the benefits but refusing to accept the duties. They were against integration, wanting a British income and a Pakistani family. This is more than bad manners, it is an insult to their adopted country and a threat to good race relations which have been hard won.

I'd have jailed them just for that. I don't enjoy the noisier side of racism but I do believe that British people have a right to expect immigrants to adapt, or choose not to come.

How you regard family tradition as more important than the life of your child I just don't know.

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