03 July, 2010

Ban the aged

Italy's latest road safety proposal is to ban the over 80s from the roads.

The previous brilliant idea from the Ministry of Blinkered Idiots was to make everyone drive with their headlights on, and to make discos turn the music down half an hour before closing, so young people's ears are accustomed to the ordinary level of sound.

This measure will have no more effect than the previous ones, and merely deprive a lot of fairly fit old people of their freedom.

The reason for Italy's appalling road accident levels is the dreadful driving. They don't use indicators, they are unable to judge the speed of oncoming traffic, they stop at T junctions with the front of the car a metre over the line so you have to swerve into oncoming traffic. Penalising these and many other dangerous habits would be a start. But it would involve accepting what the problem is.

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