12 July, 2010

Roman Polanski

We read that Roman Polanski, the film director, has received a reprieve from the Swiss Government. He will not be extradited to America for having sex with a 13 year old girl.

This is a shame: I was hoping that the unpleasant paedophile bugger would be locked up.

The Swiss judgment admitted that ‘national interests were taken into consideration in the decision’. You can guess what this means.

The problems I have with this is Polanski’s assumption that it didn’t matter, that he could live his life as he chose; and the arty farty world’s belief that this sort of law shouldn’t apply to someone like him.

Polanski admitted to having sex with the girl. It is not as if he can claim he was stitched up. In her statement the girl claimed he had anal sex with her.

If laws don’t apply to everyone, indiscriminately, then the whole basis of our society is a nonsense.

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