04 July, 2010

How to make a saving

Today our attention is turned towards WRAP. This is one of those peculiarly named bodies which looks as if it might be an acronym but isn't. It is usually a sign that money is being wasted.

On April Fool's Day this year WRAP became 'the lead delivery body for resource efficiency in England and Scotland'. I am quoting from their newsletter, which is called a 'Stakeholder Briefing', another sure sign of our money being wasted. Whether there are subsidiary Welsh and Northern Irish WRAPs we are not told.

WRAP has shone the spotlight on teabags, an enthralled nation learns today. Are you tearing your teabags before putting them on the compost? (No, really, I am not making this up)

Lynne Gunn, WRAP’s home composting expert, said: ‘Our advice remains that tea bags are suitable for composting. If the bags are still visible when you want to use the compost, they can be sieved out or picked off the surface of the soil. You can also speed up the composting process by ripping open the bags.’

The WRAP website shows the breakdown of its 6 departments (Communication, of course, but Business Growth? Organic growth, I expect) each with dozens of managers. WRAP has two offices in Banbury, Oxfordshire, and tells you not to go there by car but helpfully explains how to book a ticket on a train.

Ever wondered where your taxes go?

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