21 July, 2010

Love and lust in Jerusalem

The Guardian brings us interesting news from Israel. A man, Sabbar Kashur, from East Jerusalem and of Arab origin, has been convicted of rape and sent to prison. His crime was to have had sex with an Israeli Jewish woman, having promised her that he was himself Jewish and interested in a serious romantic relationship. She says she would not have had sex with him had she known he wasn't Jewish.

I think this raises two interesting questions. Firstly, the similarity of the peoples means she could not have known that he wasn't of her race. It seems to put a lot of it into perspective, doesn't it?

The second is intriguing. The judges said the sex was obtained under false pretences. Suppose Mr Kashur had said he was rich and looking for someone to go on holiday to the Bahamas with; supposing he said he was a film director looking to cast an unknown in a major production, or a modelling agent; suppose he had said he was a bachelor when in fact he had a wife and six children?

The prisons would be full.

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