25 May, 2011

The eurozone plays hardball

There is a strange story doing the rounds, that since Greece has not been denationalising fast enough, Government assets will be transferred into a trust, run by eurozone accountants, so the decision to denationalise an industry would be taken out of the elected Government's hands.

This would finally put and end to Greece's sovereignty; it would become a colony of Brussels.

'Such a plan is likely to raise opposition in Greece', says the Financial Times with an understatement you can only admire, 'but Mr de Jager (Dutch Finance Minister who is promoting the plan) says such considerations should be set aside. “Right now, we’re beyond sensitivities. Our common predicament is simply too serious,” he said.

Note how Mr de Jager thinks that the convenience of the Eurozone is more important than a country's independence.

Greece has got itself into this predicament but I do hope the Greek people will retain at least some shred of dignity and flatly refuse to abase themselves in this way.

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