26 May, 2011


When DSK (and I am still grumpy about the BBC's pronunciation. Dominic is an established Anglicisation for Dominique, why not use that?) was appointed to the IMF in 2007, Jean-Claude Juncker, leader of the eurozone, said it would probably be the last time the job went to a European. If the next appointment were to go to someone from the third world, the job as head of the World Bank would too, although Bob Zoellick could sensibly have his tenure renewed. So the US Administration must have got used to the idea that these changes were going to happen.

If Obama really wanted to look like a modern leader he would announce at the G8 that he was supporting one of the non-European candidates, either Carstens of Mexico (because Mexico is a client state of the US), Manuel of South Africa because that's who the 3rd World seem to want, or the increasingly pronounceable Shanmugaratnam (let's have an established Anglicisation for that!) because the Far East has put its house in order and can justifiably lecture, whereas Europe has not.

Go on Baroque (established Anglicisation), do something useful for the world.

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