09 May, 2011

Gay shock

A major study in California has decided that homosexual men are twice as likely to be diagnosed with cancer as heterosexuals.

We are bombarded with medical studies these days and most are reported and then forgotten about. What the trendy left media, such as the BBC, are going to do with this information I really don’t know. My guess is that they will simply not report it, as being against everything they believe in.

But there is interest for the rest of us in this report. It used to be that the things that were going to kill you – the BBC implies it is your fault – were smoking and drinking. Now, it seems there is a bigger evil.

The advice of this blog is only to put yourself at a certain amount of risk. So if you like a drink and a cigarette, and a man comes up to you saying ‘Hello Sweetie’, tell him you simply can’t give up the beer and fags, sorry.

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